Single beams or multiple beams

Do you need just a single beam? A custom lintel? A post? Big or small, we’re happy to oblige. We can supply you with a single steel or multiple steels, and we’re happy with any size of project; each is unique in its steel requirements.

We offer a range of finishes. Our standard finish is in either red or grey, and is a high-build zinc phosphate primer with a DFT 75 microns minimum thickness. We also offer a galvanised finish, or the popular Zinga paint system. Call us on 01202 798387 and we can start the discussion on your project.

Steel beam examples

Here are some examples of the types of steel sections and beams that we offer. It should give you an idea of what your steel could look like when we have finished fabricating it. 

​If you have any questions about any of our steel sections or beam requirements, please do not hesitate to call us 01202 798387 or email us on the contact page.

Standard Twin Beam

Spliced Connected Beam

Intersecting Steel Connections

Industry standard beam types